Affiliate Marketing – Building an Affiliate Marketing Website

When you start getting really into affiliate marketing, you will want to build your own website. This website will allow you to have all of your affiliate products in one location. Even if you do not promote all pages or products on the site at one time, you will be able to better manage your internet marketing efforts.

The first thing to consider when building an affiliate marketing website is your program agreements. Some affiliate programs do not allow you to place products on your own website, although you can post links from your website to your affiliate site. Other programs allow you to post the products directly on your website pages.

When building the website make sure that before any visitor can actually view your affiliate products they have to put in their name and email address. This is called a lead capture page. You will then be able to use these leads in email marketing and other internet marketing efforts.

You will want to be sure that your website is built on its own domain, and not a subdomain. Only as your own domain can you be listed in many directories. You will also have a much higher chance of obtaining a high page rank and being listed in the search engines quickly. Choose for your domain name something that reflects the type of products you sell there to optimize it for search engines and make it easier to find.

When you have your website built and online, you may wish to do some things to your website to boost your page rank. Graphics and informative, keyword optimized content will help in that endeavor. You may also wish to consider naming your graphics your keywords to allow for additional SEO.

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What Type of Affiliate Marketing Networker Are You?

Are you destined to make $0K, $5K or $100K Per Month?
Would you agree that all of us today…have the same opportunity to make money in the Affiliate Marketing industry?

Your mindset determines your success. This is NOT just some “theory” either. It’s been proven over and over in our industry.

Mindset comes before Success. Do you ever wonder why people that are successful are so positive and excited? The untrained observer might say that of course they are “positive and excited” they are making $100K per month. But, in reality, in order to achieve that level of success they needed to be positive and excited when the times were tough and their paycheck was $0K.

There are 3 different types of people in the Affiliate Marketing industry:

$0K or losing money EARNERS
$5K – $10K/Month EARNERS
$100K/Month EARNERS

Why then if the opportunity is the SAME, do some people make 0, some make $5-10K and some a Million Dollar Earners?

The difference is in the approach to the business.

0K or losing money EARNERS:
• I hope this works for me.
• I need this to work because I always lose money.
• Do you think I can make money with this?
• I hope this isn’t a scam.
• How much do I have to pay?
• How long will it take to make any money?

$5K – $10K/Month EARNERS
• I’m going to make this work for me
• I know it can work
• I wonder how much I can make with this
• How much can I make with this?

$100K/Month EARNERS
• What’s the best way to help others make money with this?
• How can I create a successful team in this?
• How can I best capitalize on this opportunity?

Law of Averages:
Even if you are struggling with your mindset, continue to work on it okay. In the meantime, we can always make up in numbers what you lack in skill or mindset.

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Marketing Through Affiliates

This is an internet -based marketing practice in which the affiliate’s marketing efforts are rewarded by businesses for each visitor and customer brought about but its efforts. Affiliate marketers promote the products and services of its customers and get paid for it. Affiliate marketing is a type of internet marketing where the different types of companies are promoting products and services through the internet.

This internet marketing includes:

· Affiliate network,
· Affiliate management companies.
· Affiliate managers.
· Third party vendors.
Affiliate marketing is a concept of revenue sharing that is paying commission for business referred. When visitors click from the associate website through the link and purchase a product, the associates receive a commission. These markets use internet marketing methods like advertising along with:

· Organic search engine optimization.
· Paid search engine marketing.
· Email marketing.
· Display advertising
Some businesses run their own affiliate marketing programs while some use third party services to intermediaries to track traffic. Affiliate marketing actually is another form of online marketing, using one website to drive traffic to others. Sometimes the affiliates use the normal techniques of publishing reviews of products or services offered by a partner. The various search engine techniques attract the attention of online retailers. And thus affiliate marketing plays a very important role in the e-retailers marketing strategies.
This affiliate program really started four years ago after the origination of World Wide Web. These technical innovators started the affiliate program started it with a cost per click program. The idea of this type of purchasing originally started because of the conversation labels of a music company. This idea started when the music company wanted to sell its artist CD’s directly from the company’s web site. And this made it easier for the purchaser to buy the album online. And actually this led to the start of the affiliate program. The music company asked the people to design the website which would handle the order fulfillment. And this is the way the affiliate people started their business by linking one website to another to drive traffic and achieve their motive of directing sales through the proper channels. And when people clicked through the associate’s website they received the service charges. This is how the affiliate business works.
And this business is booming and reaching new heights as internet is the way to go towards a newer technological marketing in this global world. This is also the reason this business is growing as you can reach a large group of people in a very short time. In the beginning this business was not given importance but know it has surely become an integrated part of the business plan and in some cases it is growing much bigger than the existing offline business. And the sales generated through this website are increasing and the best commissions generated are from the retail, personal finance, gaming and gambling, travel and mobile sectors.
Different methods are used for the different sectors of the business. Some use Cost per sale as a compensation method and others use Cost per action while Cost per click is the most common. Affiliate marketing is also called Performance marketing and these are extended sales force from your business. 

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Affiliate Marketing Tips

Affiliate Marketing Tips

Affiliate marketing tips for success can be summarized in 6 tips- offer, commissions, future sales, belief, guarantee, and value.

1.Irresistible Offer- (Promote This and you will see why (xyz) is The money-making program of 2010. Easiest ways to make cash in all of existence… Super conversions – make instant money and (###)Affiliates are already rich from this! Converts clicks to $$$$) These are examples of the content of your offers. Affiliate marketing tip, for people looking to purchase product, is for them to become affiliate promoters of the product.
2.Big Commissions-40% or better. Look at the their return rate to see if people are satisfied or not with this product. This will effect your income if refunds are high.
3.Future Sales- This is important, it will give you a type of residual income if they pay on future sales or on re-occurring billing.
4.Belief- You must believe in the product, its ability to deliver results; be of value to prospect and full fill a need or desire. You should be a user; customer of product, that means buy it and try it.
5.Guarantee- An irrefutable 100% refund and guarantee of the customers satisfaction. Very successful businessman agree that this is one of the keys of being a successful company or product. This affiliate marketing tip must be part of the philosophy of the product you will represent.
6.Value- The value that the customer receives from the product or service must exceed price. When V>P people buy.

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If your serious about building your affiliate mar

Why Affiliate Marketing?


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If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and you want to start your own business, affiliate internet marketing may be one of the most promising options available to you at the moment.

This concept can be unfamiliar to people who have conducted business in a more traditional way. So here are some of the perks of affiliate marketers, compared to the more traditional route:

* Low Startup Costs: If you wanted to start a store that sold books, you would have to find a building, employ numerous staff, find a supplier, create a marketing campaign to inform people – and then progress through the processes needed to provide good customer service.

With an online affiliate marketing business, you can get a profitable business off the ground with $100, and all you need is a computer and access to the internet.

* Automated Functions: If you ran a bricks-and-mortar store, you would need to constantly worry about transactions. You’d have to pay credit card processing fees and you’d have to worry about customers returning the product. What about special orders or when you run out of stock? With affiliate internet marketing, the product you sell and the payment process is all run for you by a third-party system. After you have launched your marketing campaign, you can sit back and watch the sales tick over.

* Easy To Switch Gears: If you ran a bookstore and wanted to switch to selling shoes, it would be a tough process.

However, for internet markets, it’s not. It’ll just take a little bit of work and that same $100 or less of startup money mentioned earlier. And the best part? Your “bookstore” is still active online and making money for you, even after you’ve moved on to numerous other products.

* Residual Income: Once you create a campaign, it remains active online and continually generates income. Is that true in any other business? No – all similar business ventures need constant attention or maintenance. Not so in affiliate marketing. You may want to tweak an existing campaign to maximize your income potential as time goes on, but it is not necessary, and if you do it, it doesn’t even take that much work.

Your campaign, otherwise, remains active with the product or service still being sold, and you still making money.

Learning the nuts and bolts about affiliate internet marketing is really important. Get the basics right and your path to success will be faster and easier. Learning from people who are proven masters will set you in the right direction.

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What Is Affiliate Marketing

Not very many people know that its actually possible to make a job replacing type of income all online, with just a few hours of work per day. You can do it all in your spare time while you continue to work your job and build your fortune part time.And don’t worry, this isn’t a pyramid scheme, some kind of shell game, or weird, shady scam of any kind. This is actually legit and if you listen, you might be able to quit your job in the coming weeks due the powerful information I’m about to share with you.You see, when I first came across the whole Make Money Online thing, I was extremely skeptical.

Just like anyone naturally is when they see all kinds of crazy income claims being made. But instead of just shutting it out and calling it a scam, I took it a step further and decided to investigate.

What I kept hearing over and over was this term Affiliate Marketing. But I didn’t know what the heck that was, I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to be affiliated with anything

But then I did some more research and I discovered that Affiliate Marketing really means that you can basically sell somebody else’s product for a CUT of the sale, also known as a commission. And a lot of times, on sites like, you actually earn MORE than the person selling the product. Sometimes even as much as like 75%, and that’s just incredible!

I started thinking to myself, How the heck and I going to make sales on these kind of products?

I didn’t really know much about getting traffic or hits to a website. In fact, I really didn’t even know how to make a website.

But what I found out is that I didn’t even need ANY of that to start making money online.  All I had to do was grab one of these things Clickbank calls Affiliate Links that has my unique tracking ID in it, so that when people click on my link and buy, I get credit for the sale.

The coolest part was that the product owner created all the websites, all the videos, and everything that I needed to close the sale. Literally the ONLY thing I have to do is drive the traffic and BOOM!

I would make money when people bought the product I was promoting and sites like Clickbank would mail me a check in the mail. What could be sweeter than that?!

This kind of blasted my mind open to limitless possibilities. I started thinking that if I could just write a few articles on or, put my affiliate link in them, then people would see them and start clicking my links and Id make money!

Heck, I could even start posting my affiliate links on sites like Twitter or Facebook and probably get some good traffic that way!

But even so, I still needed some help figuring all of this stuff out for real. So I did more research for some kind of course that would help me learn exactly how to make money online in the fastest amount of time possible. And what I came across amazed me!

I found this Ebook called Digital Bankroll by this dude Matthew Neer and it literally taught me everything I know about making money online. In fact, it covers virtually everything you’ll need to know about getting setup with affiliate marketing and making your first sale to really scaling things up and making a TON more sales.

When I saw the price of I was honestly shocked because it was SO dirt cheap. I highly recommend that you check it out from the link below and see if it can help you for yourself.

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Affiliate Marketing Network

So what is an affiliate network and how do I make money? These are two very important questions that arise when affiliate marketing becomes reality. If you want to be an affiliate marketer then you need to know what an affiliate network is and how you can make money from them.

First, an affiliate network connects the publishers and advertisers together. You being the advertiser. You see, you are advertising a product or service of another company not related to the affiliate network. The network just sets you up with various offers you can advertise. Then, you are given a commission based on the product.

For example, some networks have the same product, however, offer different commissions. Most of the time networks have thousands of offers. But numbers aren’t everything if the offers aren’t good and the affiliate managers are terrible. So there are a few factors that make a great network as you can see.

Some have experienced terrible Affiliate Network Managers. While others may have experienced payouts not being on time or offers that aren’t very good. Ideally, you want great offers, great AM’s, and great payouts. However, that is all speculation. It really depends on what you want to advertise. For some, a great affiliate network may not be that great to others.

Underground Elephant has a number of categories for offers to reach each and every affiliate. Check out their affiliate network and find out how you can start making money online. They have higher payouts paid on time every time.

Imagine more than 20 categories that make over 100 offers. They have plenty of offers so you can find the right niche that works for you. Its hard to find the right network, I’m sure you’ve joined plenty. However, we’re different. You aren’t just another number, you’re an affiliate of Underground Elephant. We will help you succeed.

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Underground Elephant’s Affiliate Marketing Network

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Navigating the Different Types of Affiliate Programs Online

Joining a successful affiliate program can bring about greatly increased revenue and a new flourish to a business, but before deciding on the specific affiliate program you are going to become involved with, it is important to know which kind of program will be the best paying affiliate for your business. There are three main types of affiliate program which include PPC (Pay Per Click), PPS (Pay Per Sale) and PPL (Pay Per Lead).

Each one has its own advantages which apply to different areas of business depending on the product or services you are selling, so it is important to make sure that you know which type of affiliate is best for you before making a final decision. The revenues that are available through affiliate programs are endless as long as you make the correct choice of which type of program will be the most fitting one for you. Pay Per Click programs are simply what they say, a small amount of money is made by the affiliate every time a person clicks on the target site link from the main affiliate site, regardless of if they actually make a purchase on the site.

This type of site usually have banners and adverts which direct traffic towards certain websites of the affiliate and by clicking on the banners or links, a payment will be made to the affiliate merchant. This type of affiliate program can create high revenues for a little amount of effort. Pay Per Sale programs are generally a two tier system which allow for commission based profit to be made by all the transactions that are made by people who have been directed from your website to the main affiliate.

These are some of the highest paying affiliate programs as they also offer incentives and rewards for certain amounts of referrals. More money, discounts on services and added advertising are all types of inducement that may be used to further sales and increase traffic towards the affiliate. Pay Per Lead affiliate programs are also a commission based program, though the amount is generally lower. Commission is given for referrals rather than for people who actually purchase something from the website, also, the conversion rate tends to be higher on PPL sites as compared with PPS sites.

All referred visitors are counted and commission is given on this basis alone. The best paying affiliate programs are available in all of these types and they are a very popular way of increasing profits and commission as well as gaining more clients, interest and respect through association.

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Best Paying Affiliates
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New Affiliate Marketing Blog

Do you know who just made a new affiliate marketing blog? As an affiliate network manager, Boone Riddle is now offering his skills and knowledge of the industry in his

Affiliate Marketing Tips Blog.

Boone Riddle is the Affiliate Manager of Underground Elephant, a fast growing affiliate marketing network established just a few months ago. Underground Elephant is the fastest growing ad agency in San Diego, which allows an even faster growing network.

With exceptional skills, this blog gives affiliate marketing tips and tricks, search engine optimization tips, and also discusses the lead generation industry. Boone Riddle has been an affiliate manager for multiple companies including

His first blog post titled:

“The Who and Why Of the Underground Blog Project”

This is the first entry in what will be either a quick-thinking and entertaining collection of life and industry observations, or a life-altering realization that I’m not as witty or well-spoken as I was brought up to believe. Given the SE3.6 optimization my software put on the site, it will always rank high for my...READ MORE

If you want to learn how to be a great affiliate marketer, check back and read his blog every time he has a new post. He will offer great information that will help you succeed. Join an affiliate marketing network you can trust with a great AM. He is dedicated to helping affiliates succeed everyday. It takes time and dedication to be a super affiliate but why not try?

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What is Affiliate Marketing?

Lots of people ask the question, how can I make money online if I am not directly selling a product or service with a payment gateway?

Well help is at hand through a simple tool of affiliate marketing. The easiest way to explain affiliate marketing is that it is a way of earning money online where you as a website owner gain a reward for helping a business by promoting their product or service.

There are numerous types of promotions but again the easiest is simply where you as website owner earn a commission for a visitor to your site clicking on a link to another site.

There are other subtle variations on this theme, maybe a user clicks on the link and they carry out an action or sign up for something, complete a survey maybe but it is all the same kind of principle.

Commissions are often a percentage of a sale paid when your ‘account’ gets to a certain level (e.g. £50) but they can also be a fixed amount per conversion.

The conversions are usually tracked by the code that you have been given being embedded in your site, take Google AdSense that i use on my blog, when you click on it Google knows which site it was from (mine) and which advert they have served so the commission applicable. Other variations on the theme are when maybe a publisher gives a coupon or voucher code out to help track conversions.

Advertisers often prefer affiliate marketing as a way to promote their products because they know they’ll only need to pay for the advertising when there’s a user action, usually a click or sign up.

Publishers often prefer affiliate marketing because if they find a product that is relevant to their niche that earnings can go well in excess of any cost per click or cost per impression advertising campaign.

So is Affiliate Marketing easy money?

While affiliate marketing can be incredibly lucrative it is important to know that affiliate marketing is not easy money. Most people who try it on their site make very little as it relies upon numerous factors including:

• traffic (high traffic helps a lot)
• finding relevant products for the user
• finding quality products for the user
• building trust with your readers, this ensures that they continue to view your site and carry out an ‘action’.
• having a readership who is in a ‘buying mood’
• you being able to write good sales copy (and more) that keeps a user interested.

There’s also a BIG risk associated with affiliate marketing in that if you push too hard or promote products of a low quality (of which you may have no experience of) you can actually lose customers and hurt your business reputation and brand.

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