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Congratulations on finding our website designed to assist the Online Affiliate Marketer.   Whether you are just a beginner or have been an experienced affiliate for years we welcome you to learn more about Online Affiliate Marketing or refresh your memory to keep updated on new and inviting products available for all affiliate marketers on the Internet.

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We thank you for your interest in our website and what we have to offer.  JC Hines is the owner and operator of the website and looks forward to meeting all of you and share affiliate ideas.  We will be bringing up-to-date information for the TODAY Affiliate Marketer.  Since affiliate marketing constantly changes we will keep on top of those every changing customer needs.

From time to time we will send out ALERTS about Security ISSUES and BREACHES on WORDPRESS Website for your own online website safety.  Affiliates band together when it comes to hackers hurting our small businesses.  Some of us are trying to supplement our income due to the economy and it is a shame these hackers continue to hurt us in this financial strain of the economy.

We will only give recommendations to products and programs we ourselves have used or know exactly what the vendor intends for you to use their product in your business production.  If we feel it is repetitious and easily obtainable we most certainly will alert you about same.  We will strive to weed out the “fake” guru promises and the “get rich quick scams” and the “red button” shortcut to riches.  JC Hines stresses there is no such thing as getting rich quick in Affiliate Marketing.  You have to learn to earn to be successful on the Internet in Affiliate Marketing.  Since the Internet is ever changing be prepared to learn as long as you want your business to grow.

In order to take advantage of our Website we ask you to become a MEMBER wherein you will be automatically signed up to our mailing list(s) and newsletter(s).  JC Hines promises not to overwhelm your email boxes because we too do not want bogged down email.  Remember you are always welcomed to be removed from our website by doing so yourself.  But we hope you return often to learn more about Affiliate Marketing and the ever changing Global Online Affiliate Marketing World.

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